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Beyond a Single Company

An Integrated Ecosystem

Many businesses claim to be a 'one-stop shop,' often resulting in a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none scenario. At LendSuite, we've taken a different approach. Instead of forming a single, massive entity, we've cultivated a dynamic ecosystem of independent yet interconnected businesses.

Each entity within our ecosystem operates autonomously, yet collaborates closely with others, fostering a synergy that enhances the overall value we provide. This unique structure allows us to handpick the finest tools and services for you, integrating them into our ecosystem to further refine their performance.

Consider LendSuite not as a solitary company, but as a cohesive network of solution providers. We share a singular mission: to deliver the highest quality lending technology solutions in the most seamless and efficient manner possible.

Why we Created

At this very moment, countless individuals are seeking solutions to their immediate financial challenges through short-term, readily accessible loan products.

For more than two decades, the companies within our ecosystem have empowered thousands of lenders to expand and elevate their lending businesses, both physically and digitally. In recent years, we've witnessed our lenders assist their customers in extraordinary ways, demonstrating that not even unforeseen global events can halt our progress.

Now, the opportunity has arrived for you to ascend to the next tier of your lending business. Our role is to facilitate this transition, making it as smooth and straightforward as possible. This commitment to your growth is the driving force behind the creation of LendSuite Software. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with our clients to provide more integrated solutions and eradicate the bureaucratic obstacles often associated with their existing software solutions.

Raphael Ocampo

CEO - LendSuite Software

Uniting Distinct Strengths

How our Entities Thrive Under One Roof

Chris Olson CEO of Tekambi

"Looking back at my many years on the lending side of this industry (including as a Tekambi client!), I'm incredibly excited for the opportunity to bring all of that knowledge and experience to the Tekambi team, and to Lendsuite as a whole. "


General Manager

Oscar Zumaran - CEO - Tekambi

"There will always be strength in numbers, and having direct access to more support will allow us to better serve our clients." LendSuite will bring this to the table and will constantly be gaining momentum as we continue to grow our products and services. "

Oscar Zumaran

General Manager

Tim Valdez - GM - Epic Loan Systems

"We are excited about the limitless possibilities that will unfold through the collective strength of synergy and collaboration within LendSuite & our business units. Together, we have the team and knowledge to change the future of lending."

April Collins

General Manager

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